Mission Statement

"To make disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ in our communities through caring, in-depth Bible study, available to all."

It's In the Book

Important Note: It's In The Book (IITB) is being replaced by our new Engage Bible Studies. Individual IITB volumes will continue to be available as long as they remain in inventory.

It's In The Book is a course of study offered by Community Bible Study.

A Bible study suited for:

  • Sunday School classes
  • Neighborhood study groups
  • Church Small Groups
  • At-home Bible studies
  • Retirement Residences/Nursing Homes
  • Workplace Luncheon Studies
  • Individual Study Time

It's In The Book provides the structure and material needed to facilitate meaningful Bible study. Each volume begins with a short commentary followed by questions to be answered by the participant. The questions are intended to promote insightful group discussion.

Please note: The Its In The Book series are not the materials used in established CBS classes. To see a sample of an Intro Lesson and Lesson One, click here.

IITB booklets are available at the CBS Online Store.

Course Descriptions

30-Week Courses


Description: The study of Acts is an exciting, stimulating course in which students see the Holy Spirit working through the lives of the apostles and the believers in the early church. It includes pertinent applications for today's believers and strong teaching on the foundation of the church - Jesus Christ.

Amos and Isaiah

Description: God called and empowered these two Old Testament prophets—almost 800 years before Christ—to encourage and to warn Judah and Israel not only of coming judgment, but of ultimate restoration, a kingdom unified, and their status as God’s covenant people.


Description: From Creation to the death of Joseph, the reader is ushered into the mercy, love, and forgiveness of almighty God—and His plan to redeem fallen humanity. The early origins of the Hebrew nation appear and God’s Savior: Jesus Christ, the Lion of the tribe of Judah.


Description: A warm, intimate study of the life and earthly ministry of Jesus, the Word Incarnate. Applications draw from Jesus' relationships with individuals with distinct needs. The Home Study Questions are straightforward and encourage the student to investigate the truth of the Gospel first-hand, to understand the claims of Christ, and to respond to the truth.


Description: A wonderful course that allows the student to see Jesus in His humanity. Clear, concise commentary in handling historic record as well as in conveying the truth of the Gospel in such a way that the student will see Jesus as Savior and Lord. Includes straightforward, but thought-provoking Home Study Questions.


Description: This course is dedicated to the study of Mark's Gospel, leading the student to important discoveries, following Jesus on His earthly journeys and seeing Him first-hand as a "man of action."


Description: Matthew, a Jew, writes by the power of the Holy Spirit primarily to his fellow Jews proving through Scripture that Jesus in His life and ministry fulfilled all Old Testament prophecies concerning Messiah. As students study this Gospel, Matthew's message is heard clearly: Jesus is indeed the long awaited Jewish Messiah, King of kings, Lord of lords and Immanuel - God with us! The Home Study Questions are personally challenging.


Description: This course is a comprehensive survey of the first five books of the Old Testament, emphasizing the correlation and unity of the Old and New Testaments. It provides the student with a wonderful basis for understanding God's plan of salvation.


Description: In a challenging study of end-times prophecy this course explores how the book of Revelation reveals the full identity of Christ, His sovereignty, His judgment, and His triumphant return. The commentary provides an unbiased point of view on the sometimes difficult to understand passages. This course is balanced, exciting, and challenging.


Description: This course provides a stimulating and insightful look at the magnificent treatise of the Christian faith. Students are led to cross-reference Scripture, demonstrating that the great truths found in this book are also found in other books. A challenging course.

Servants of God

Description: This study encompasses the time period from Joshua's leadership through David's rule in Israel by exploring the books of Joshua, Judges, Ruth, and 1 & 2 Samuel. The commentary and Home Study Questions encourage students to recognize God's power and availability.

The Divided Kingdom and the Minor Prophets

Description: Conspiracies. Idolatry. Murder. The final days of King David are followed by King Solomon’s initial grandeur and subsequent descent into darkness. Amid widespread spiritual collapse, the prophets demonstrate the reality and power of God to an unbelieving world.


18-Week Courses


Description: This unique New Testament book seeks to show how the Old Testament worship system foreshadows the work and sacrifice of Christ Jesus. Students gain knowledge and faith as Jesus is presented as our personal Great High Priest, and reveals how people of persevering faith have gained spiritual victory.

Pastoral / Short Letters

Description: The three pastoral letters delve into such issues as church leadership, sound doctrine and stopping false teachers. Paul's final letter (2 Timothy) is a poignant picture of the closing days of his life. Three of the four brief, one-chapter epistles continue the theme of stopping false teachers, while Philemon deals with relationships. These are all very pertinent issues for the times in which we live.

12-Week Courses

1 & 2 Peter

Description: Peter's letters are studied for the first 12 weeks of the year as readers take a sobering look at how Christians face suffering, knowing their safety and security are in God. Peter also provides practical advice on how to handle heresy and recognize false teachers.


Description: These 12 weeks are dedicated to a study of an exciting, prophetic book, Daniel. The study gives the student a glimpse of future events, demonstrating how God is the God of history and is in control of heaven and earth. The commentary and Home Study Questions help make a difficult book easier to understand.


Description: In Deuteronomy, God reveals the kind of godly life He intends for mankind to live. Areas covered include worship, leadership, redemption and grace, and God’s covenant with His people. God’s special friendship with Moses is examined, and the book concludes with Moses’ last teachings and blessings to the Israelites before his death.


Description: Using a topical approach, Dr. McIntosh applies the wisdom of Proverbs to successful living at work, in marriage, family and other relationships (7 lessons). Ecclesiastes views life from a secular perspective, concluding that life without God is meaningless (3 lessons). Song of Songs is an intimate look at what God intends marriage to be, and describes how deep intimacy is also available in our relationship with Jesus Christ (2 lessons). The Home Study Questions are straightforward in dealing with challenging biblical material. (12 weeks)


6-Week Courses

1 & 2 Thessalonians

Description: Written by Paul to the young church in Thessalonica, 1 and 2 Thessalonians focus on the hope and the habits of faith when tested. The study looks at how the words of encouragement and of warning guided new believers and apply to believers today.

1 John

Description: Filled with assurances, 1 John also provides practical advice to believers. The study looks at the differences between those who have been deceived and true believers, evidences of a new life in Christ, and the great love of God to all His children.


Description: The study of Colossians, a letter written to combat error among believers, pointing to Jesus as the head of His body, the church. The Home Study Questions are thought provoking and challenging.


Description: Written to the church at Ephesus by the apostle Paul, Ephesians beautifully describes how God regards believers and exhorts them about what should be evident in their lives in view of what God has accomplished in them. The study explores God's purpose and power, the power of regeneration in Christ, and the unity and standards of the church.

God's Amazing Book

Description: This course addresses the issues of divine inspiration, canonicity, the uniqueness of Scripture, and the role of prophecy in a clear, succinct manner. The course contains a section that provides a broad overview of the entire Bible. Students with all degrees of bible knowledge will find the questions thought-provoking.


Description: The book of James is one of the most practical in the Bible. The lessons encourage each student to lead a more consistent, caring Christian life and to explore the practical application of faith in family and society.


Description: When great personal loss and agonizing disease descend on the godly man Job, his trust in God is challenged. As he struggles to figure out why a loving God would allow such pain, his friends seek to uncover the secret sins they believe Job is being punished for. Many truths about God, Satan, and human nature are revealed in this unique study.


Description: Written by Paul to friends at Philippi, Philippians is one of the most-quoted New Testament epistles. The study shows how real joy is not dependent on surroundings but on the Savior Himself. The study explores issues of working for the Kingdom, withstanding persecution, and Christian unity and charity.